Grain-free Tea sandwiches are possible when Cassava Coconut Tortillas are used. Cutouts with a cookie cutter make them the perfect whimsical size.

Once you have prepared the tortillas, you can spread and stack these cuties with whatever you desire. I am loving this Heidi Ho brand of smoky chia cheeze, and an almond milk cheese spread, but mustard, hummus, or salsa would work just as well.

While I chose smoked salmon and radishes for this tea party, thinly sliced pieces of meats or veggies would look and taste yummy as well.

A cookie-like dessert can be made from the tortillas for a little extra treat. A fast, grain-free cookie you didn’t have to make, and simply splatter a little chocolate on top!


Makes 8 tea sandwiches

  • Cassava Coconut Tortilla – 2, with 8 little cut outs per tortilla
  • Almond Milk Cheese Spread and/or Chia Cheeze Spread – ¼ cup, I use Kite Hill and Heidi Ho
  • Radishes – 2, thinly sliced
  • Smoked Salmon – 2 ounces, or more
  • Pea Shoot Stalks or Dill – 8 small pieces

spread       Casave


Once the tortillas are cut into 16 little rounds, warm them on a medium pan for about 20 seconds on each side. It brings out their flavor. Spread a thin layer of your chosen spread on each piece of tortilla. Place the radish, salmon, green sprout, and top it off with the top tortilla piece.

The video above shows you quickly how it all comes together.

Optional Ingredient

  • Chocolate square – 1 ounce, melted
  • Orange rind – 1 tablespoon


Lay the cut tortillas out on parchment paper. With a fork dipped into the melted chocolate, quickly splatter it across the tops of the tortilla. Add a little freshly grated orange rind and these little cookies are all set for tea time!


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  1. I LOVE a good tea sandwich!!

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