Not everyone has a date or a mate for Valentines Day, and for a variety of reasons. Celebrating Love comes in many forms. And since true love first begins with yourself, let’s take a look at a very special evening I have planned for you to celebrate alone.

In the movie, The Sound of Music, the lyrics to a song boast, “These are a few of my favorite things”. I was reminded of how content I can feel when I am surrounded by a few of my favorite things. And so, I hope you will enjoy the film clip I have prepared for you. I hope also that you will be inspired to embrace those times we might spend a Valentine Day alone, because we have all been there!

For this Valentine Solo evening, I have prepared a lovely dinner. Well, two actually. One for the gals, and a different one for the guys, because it is often the case that we like to eat something different, only on this night you will not have to compromise. You can have what YOU want for dinner!


Recipes to each of these dishes are linked here.

Have a lovely, special evening. Because you are worth it!

ShrBudBowl            BeefShortRibs

Chocolate Hearts


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