Healthy desserts. Is there really such a thing? Yes!! Dates are deliciously sweet, nuts are wonderfully healthy, and a splash of chocolate is always good for whatever ails you. This Mediterranean style dessert has been around a very, long time, and will soon become your new favorite dessert to keep in the fridge for that occasional sweet tooth, though you will find these are decadent enough to serve to your most discriminating dinner guest. A queen perhaps?



Yields 2 – 6 dozen small or 3 dozen medium

  • Dates – 2 cups, pitted
  • Nuts – 2 cups, raw cashews, pecans, pistachios, your favorite nuts
  • Cacao – 2 tablespoons
  • Chocolate for dipping – 1 cup, melted
  • Coconut flakes, or crushed nuts – for balls
  • Toothpicks – optional


Toss the ingredients in a blender or food processor. Blend for about 5 minutes, until the ingredients form a paste, or ball.

Using a melon-ball scooper or a round spoon, scoop out even amounts of date paste and roll into firm round balls. Place them on a parchment paper lined baking dish and pop them into the fridge to chill a bit. Makes it easier to work with them.

In a small bowl, (narrow and deep) place melted chocolate. In another small bowl, place the coconut flakes or crushed nuts. Dip the chilled balls quickly into the melted chocolate, shake off excess, then roll around in the coconut flakes or crushed nuts. Set back onto the parchment paper. Toothpicks can make the job a bit easier to manage the balls as you dip them.  Place tray back into the fridge for the chocolate to harden, about an hour. Now these are ready to be stored in an airtight container, back in the fridge for weeks! But no doubt, they won’t be there that long. (wink)


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Chocolate in its purest usable form. Nothing added. I use in my desserts as well as my savory chili dishes!

Dates are often my replacement for sugar in dessert cooking. Sooooooo much better for you and sweeter than cane sugar!

Coconut Flakes are a must in any pantry. Dessert additions and oh so yummy to roll some shrimp in before sauteed!

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