Cold and flu season is that little monster that sneaks in at night and robs you of a productive day. Build your immunity, and those little monsters will know they aren’t welcome!!

Smoothies are fast, easy to make, and can be your to-go breakfast, or a leisurely sip while you enjoy your favorite morning read.

I have used Dole prepared packages of fruit medleys, but you can always make up little containers of fresh fruits of your own. You know we often end up with too many fruits ripening too quickly, so quick throw them into containers and save them in the freezer.


  • Cashew milk – 2 cups, or milk of choice, or kefir
  • Frozen medley of fruits – 2 cups
  • Fresh orange segments – 1 whole orange or mandarin
  • Chia seeds – 1 tablespoon


Simply toss it all into a blender, bullet, or processor, puree and enjoy!

Happy Health!