Valentine Dinner. An easy meal? Candles, fire, and some fun prompted conversation? How does that sound to you!

Part two, of my four-part series using your home as a fun place to recreate ambience for a memorable Valentine evening, whether for friends, for two, or a special night just for you.

What could be easier than:

For the burgers, they can be store bought, vegan, lamb, beef, turkey, or whatever you like as your burger. But make sure it doesn’t take more that 10 minutes to have them ready. To make the burgers feel special, I made these big, fat, cheesy, burger buns at home, a day earlier. The recipe and preparation couldn’t be easier. Simply follow the video I have linked to Burger Buns (above) and your burgers will be taken to the next level!


Rosemary Potato Fries are fast, easy, and oven baked until crunchy. The recipe is linked to Rosemary Potato Fries (above).


The salad I prepared was simply spinach, mandarin oranges, blue cheese, and spicy hot Thai cashews with a lemon and olive oil dressing.


The fabulous Strawberry Layer Cake is also a fast and easy do-ahead the day before. Pureed strawberries were added to the whipping cream for both color and taste! Recipe is linked above also.


For your Love Plate. I simply went onto Pinterest and looked for fun conversation starters. Print them, cut, fold, and place on a cute dish, bowl, or basket to get the evening started.



The video above will inspire a little recreation in your home to set a new ambience for this Valentine Date Night as Home!


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