MAKE A WISH: New Year’s Day Fun

De-Clutter the old, and have a little fun with the prospects of the new!

How to you approach a new year? While resolutions are often short lived, I have traded in resolutions for something a little more fun: Hidden Notes!

As I wrap up, and pack away the ornaments from the holiday season, I sat down with pen and paper the night before and thought long and hard about the year ahead. What did I want to accomplish in this new year? What did I need? Who was heavy on my mind and heart, that I might want to offer a thought or wish for? What crazy whimsy is tucked away in my mind?

It didn’t take long before I was able to write down on little pieces of paper all the thoughts I had for the year ahead. I tucked each piece of paper into the wrappings of each ornament, as I put holiday decorations away. How fun it will be at the end of this year… almost twelve months from now, when I take these out again, and have something special to reflect on as I decorate, yet again.

A little something to look forward to, and something to look back on. I challenge you to try something similar!


And don’t forget to start out this New Year with healthy food in your kitchen, therefore in your tummy! Here is my favorite New Year’s Soup: Ginger Carrot Red Lentil Soup



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