De-Clutter the old, and have a little fun with the prospects of the new!

How to you approach a new year? While resolutions are often short lived, I have traded in resolutions for something a little more fun: Hidden Notes!

As I wrap up, and pack away the ornaments from the holiday season, I sat down with pen and paper the night before and thought long and hard about the year ahead. What did I want to accomplish in this new year? What did I need? Who was heavy on my mind and heart, that I might want to offer a thought or wish for? What crazy whimsy is tucked away in my mind?

It didn’t take long before I was able to write down on little pieces of paper all the thoughts I had for the year ahead. I tucked each piece of paper into the wrappings of each ornament, as I put holiday decorations away. How fun it will be at the end of this year… almost twelve months from now, when I take these out again, and have something special to reflect on as I decorate, yet again.

A little something to look forward to, and something to look back on.

I challenge you to try something similar!

I would love to hear from you, to know any whimsical ideas YOU might have for the approach of a New Year!



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