Salty sweet, gooey, decadent caramel is so easy to make, and will outshine any store-bought brand!

While caramel apples, or cookies might come to mind first when you think of Salt Caramel, think again!

It is said that Salt Caramel should be the next brown butter for savory dishes simply because of its classic umami flavor.

Try a little in your next glazed chicken or pork dish. Imagine it on your Thanksgiving sweet potatoes. Add a little bourbon or chili peppers to your salt caramel, and the possibilities are endless. But if cookies are your crave, Chestnut Butter Cookies with Salt Caramel Filling are simply Amazing!


Yield: 1 pint


–   2 cups of sugar

–   ¾ cup butter (stick and half)

–   1 cup of heavy cream

–   1 tablespoon of sea salt


Have cream and butter at room temperature. Place sugar in a saucepan and begin to melt on medium heat. Continue cooking the sugar for about 15 minutes or until the temperature of the sugar is no more than 350 degrees.

Turn off the heat. Whisk in the butter. It will sputter a bit. Add cream and whisk. Add salt. Cool 15 minutes and transfer to a jar.

Will keep about one month in fridge.



  1. This I love! The possibilities are endless. Can’t wait to try!

  2. I love salted caramel , I have to try yours Robin it looks so yum.

  3. Cor !!!! love it. I’m imagining that poured over a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream yummy !!!!!

  4. Mary Marshall


  5. My husband loves salt on fruit like apples, cantaloupe and watermelon! He also loves caramel. I just described this to him, and he is all in! I will be making this!

  6. I’m bringing honeycrisp apple slices luv! Miss Pea you’re always outdoing yourself! Just divine! xo

  7. This caramel looks great and is perfect for halloween! Love this recipe.

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