Ice Cream is great. Vodka Ice Cream is better. S’MORES VODKA ICE CREAM IS BEST!

If you loved my S’MORES VODKA MARTINI, you are sure to crave the less alcohol version, in an Ice Cream. It’s fast, easy, and an investment in an ice cream machine (about $65.00) will make ice cream desserts, and frozen cocktails your new favorite passion!

ICE CREAM Ingredients

Yields 8 large scoops

  • Whole coconut milk with its cream – 2 cans
  • Marshmallow flavored vodka – 2 jiggers (or regular)
  • Simple syrup – 2 tablespoons (2 parts sugar to 1 part water, boil, cool, and store in fridge)


Place these ingredients in a blender. Puree.

Transfer to ice cream machine and process 20 minutes.

Prep the scoops for easy serving time. Simply scoop ice cream right out of the machine, into cupcake papers, inside cupcake tins, and keep in the freezer until ready to serve. (let the scoops sit out 5 minutes before serving)

S’MORES Ingredients

  • Graham crackers – crushed – about ¾ cup
  • Chocolate – melted – about ¾ cup


Transfer both of these to a wide opened bowl, or dish for easy rimming.

Rim the glasses or dishes in melted chocolate, then dip in crackers, (can be done in advance). Save melted chocolate (reheat if needed) for drizzle.


  • 1 large per serving, placed on a skewer stick.

Ready to serve

  • Get fired up! A table top, a fire pit, a candle, or the stove will work.
  • Place 2 scoops of ice cream in each prepared bowl.
  • Drizzle chocolate across the top.
  • Fire up your marshmallow, and place it on top of the ice cream.



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