There is no other cut of meat that quite compares to RIBS!

Seared on high heat until they crackle and send an intoxicating aroma through out the house, or outside by the grill. The fat that is woven throughout the meat and bones, not only flavors the meat but helps to tenderize it.

Ribs. They taste fabulous roasted with only the addition of salt, but add the flavors of my homemade ZA’ATAR spice, and these little lamb ribbetts take on a whole new level of delicious!


Marinate the ribs in the fridge for about an hour, with coarse salt and  za’atar rubbed into the meat.

A few minutes before roasting, squeeze lemon juice across the top of the meat.

In a 450 degree oven, roast the ribs for about 5 minutes.

Turn them over, and continue roasting until the fat begins to crackle and pop!

Perfect and tender every time.