Pumpkin Pie has become a classic American Autumn dessert. But where would it be without all those exotic spices that came to us from far away places!

 Just for the fun of it, I started pumpkin seeds in our greenhouse during the dead of winter. (I am new at growing things other than house plants) To my surprise, they grew big and strong. On a patch of land on the property, I dedicated 700 square feet to my little green leaves. Summer came, and the pumpkin plants were ferocious as they took off meandering all around the patch of land. I was so excited, and had visions of my grandchildren coming over in the autumn to pick large orange pumpkins from grandma’s yard! Huh… By September, the entire patch only produced about ten pumpkins (grrrr). Never again.

But, just for you, and for the delight of my family, a few pumpkin pies are finding their way to our table. Hope you enjoy my most favorite, decadent, spicy rich recipe for pumpkin pie!


        Homemade pie crust recipe can be found in our collection from: Blueberry Lava Pie, Tahini Pie or Cherry Pie

        Or, a store bought crust can be used

Custard Filling

Makes 1 pie, or 4 tartlets

        Pumpkin Puree – 2 cups

        Sugar – ¾ cups

        Eggs – 3

        Whole Milk – ½ cup

        Cream – 1 cup

        Molasses – ¼ cup

        Rum – ¼ cup

        Spices – Ginger, Allspice, Cloves – 1 teaspoon each

                  Cinnamon, Orange rinds – 1 tablespoon each

                   Salt, White pepper – ½ teaspoon each


Press the pie crust into the baking pan or pans you are planning to use.

Thoroughly mix together all of the custard ingredients.

Pour into pie crust.

Place in a preheated oven of 425 degrees for 10 minutes.

Reduce to 350 and continue to bake until the custard begins to show signs of small cracks, (about another 30 minutes).

 * A lovely presentation for the pie, is to press shapes from the left over pie crust, and gently place them on top of the custard before baking so as to create a little extra crust on top.