What could be a more refreshing dish to compliment your favorite grilled dishes? Fennel brings the refreshments, carrots – the substance, and the addition of dried sour cherries is… well, the cherry on top!

 These ingredients are available nearly year round, but we particularly enjoy their crisp freshness with our favorite grilled dishes.

 Ingredients –  4 small side dishes or 2 large salads

        Fennel – 2 cups chopped

        Carrots – 2 cups chopped

        Parsley – 2 tablespoons freshly chopped

        Salt – 1 teaspoon

        Garlic – 1 clove pressed

        Sesame Seeds – 2 tablespoons

        Lemon Juice – 1 whole juiced

        Olive oil – 1 tablespoon

        Dried sour cherries – 2 tablespoons


Add all ingredients except cherries. Toss well. Just before serving add cherries, toss once again.