Who doesn’t LOVE an adult sorbet? That’s what I thought!

The refreshing flavor of Gin, Lime, Mint, and Juniper Berries make for a delightful summer treat, if only in “Shooter Size” portions.

 Juniper Berries have long been used to give Mediterranean food a distinct aromatic flavor in cooking meats, sausage, and slow simmered stews. Remembering that juniper berries are what also give gin that distinct flavor, we have marinated more of that flavor in a little gin, since we are limited as to how much gin can be added to this sorbet mixture before it becomes simply a slushy, and won’t freeze into a sorbet.

These little treats can be made with or without an ice cream machine. Simply freeze the mixture until it is firm enough to scoop into little ball shapes and keep them in the freezer until ready to “Throw Back”!



Yields 1 dozen

  • Juniper berries – 1 tablespoon crushed
  •  Lime – juice from 3 limes and a little zest
  •  Mint – ¼ cup finely chopped
  • Sugar – 1 cup
  • Gin – ¼ cup
  • Tonic – 12 oz bottle


Place the juniper berries and mint in a container with the gin. Let set an hour, or over night.

Place sugar and lime juice in a sauce pan and bring to a boil for about a minute. Turn off stove, add tonic water, and strain the gin into the mixture. Chill. Pour into ice cream maker, or a shallow freezable dish/pan. When sorbet is firm enough to scoop with a small spoon or melon baller, scoop little balls into mini baking paper cups (holds about 1 ½ tablespoons each). Work quickly, placing the cups onto a dish/pan that has been chilled. Store in closed container in freezer. Serve with a tiny wedge of lime or mint.




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