A country dish that is both Hearty and Healthy. Can be prepared from ingredients purchased specifically for Shepherd’s Pie, or ingredients you might already have in your fridge.

 Just so you are in the – Know – Shepherd’s Pie is made with Lamb, while Cottage Pie is made with Beef!

 Like many One-Dish meals that have several steps before putting it all together, this has three basic steps, so let’s approach it that way.

 Filling Ingredients

Yields 4 large

        Ground Lamb (or Beef) – 1 ½ pounds

        Olive Oil – 2 tablespoons

        Onions – 1 cups chopped

        Carrots – 2 cups chopped (half inch cubes)

        Peppers – 1 cup chopped

        Peas or Zucchini – 1 ½ cups (zucchini chopped)

        Salt – 1 tablespoon

        Pepper – 1 teaspoon

        Black Cumin (optional, but yummy) 1 tablespoon

        Rosemary – ¼ cup fresh chopped and sprigs for top

        Wine – 1 cup, a little more if making more gravy (either red or white) – or you can substitute wine for potato water

Gravy Ingredients

        Butter – 2 tablespoons (4, if you want more gravy)

        Flour – 2 tablespoons (4, if you want more gravy)

Topping Ingredients

        Potatoes – 4 for 1.5 lbs meat (skin on if not mashing)

        Salt – 1 teaspoon

        Grated Cheese – 2 tablespoons (or more if you like)


Prepare Filling. Cook fat out of meat and drain it out. Expose bottom of pan by pushing meat to the sides and pour oil into center. Add onions and celery. Cover and let soften. Stir and add the remaining filling ingredients, and wine. Stir. Cover and leave on low while preparing Gravy.

 Prepare Gravy. Melt butter, then add flour and keep stirring until it begins to brown. Add to filling ingredients and stir quickly with folding motions, being careful not to mash vegetables. Sauce will thicken quickly. Turn stove off and place filling ingredients into individual baking dishes, or one large baking dish.

 Prepare Potatoes. Slice potatoes thin (about quarter inch). Drop into boiling/salted water. Cover. Cook only until they begin to soften just a bit, but not soft. Drain. Layer on top of filling. Salt a bit. Sprinkle cheese across the top. (cheese makes for a lovely golden crunchy top)

If making mashed potatoes instead of sliced potatoes, make them as you normally would. Spread a nice thick layer on tops of filling, and sprinkle grated cheese across tops.

Bake 350 just until tops of potatoes are golden. (about 20-25 minutes)

Individual Cast Iron Pans are rustic and perfect for oven to table serving of your Shepherds Pie. (Click on pan for details)